How to make the Mariner Mod for the Coloring Book Raglan

By popular request, here’s a quick little notes sheet for how I made my Nutiden mariner version of the Coloring Book Raglan pattern.

Sizing and Yardage

I am using Nutiden yarn Barighet and Ragaad held double. I knit size 2, and the total weight used was 335 grams. I highly recommend buying your regular amount of Nutiden for holding double, then an additional plate in a contrasting color. It should be sufficient for all the sizes, but your mileage may vary as each color of Nutiden is different. Always buy a little extra, just in case.

A Word On Ribbing

Using the base pattern, I used 2 sizes down from the main fabric needle size for the ribbing since Nutiden ribbing tends to fluff up for me. I recommend swatching as Nutiden knits up differently for everyone, but I got gauge on the same needle as I did for the other samples.

Striping Mods

I knit as for View B all the way until the arm split. I worked the first round after the separation with CC, as described in View B, then swapped to following arm shaping and body length instructions for view A while striping as follows:

Knit 3 rnds in CC, then 10 rnds in MC. Repeating this stripe pattern until View A lengths are complete.

Plan Ahead With Coloring Sheets

I for one am super excited to see what you come up with if you decide to knit this mod of the Coloring Book Raglan. I recommend joining my newsletter to download the coloring pages to plan your colors prior to a Nutiden update. I think it would be adorable with contrasting colors of different scrappy Nutiden colors too.. not just one CC. Try different things out with the printable!

Happy knitting!

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