Coloring Book Tee – Tester Round Up!

Note: Sizes A-D were updated with an additional 3/8 inch in the neckline drop since these testers knit theirs!

Many of the testers chose to use the recommended yarn Purl Soho Linen Quill, so Purl Soho is not typed out every time it appears!

Size A

Sam (she/her), View B, knit with Linen Quill with 0″ ease

Jac (she/her), View A, knit with Linen Quill and KnitPicks Stroll, with 0″ ease.

Serena (she/her), View A, knit with Linen Quill, with 2.5″ ease.

Stephanie (she/her), View A with modded crochet edge neckline (details on Ravelry here), with 2″ ease. Knit with Purl Soho Santolina.

Size B

Sharon (she/her), View B, 4″ ease, knit with Linen Quill.

Stephanie (she/her), View B, 6″ ease, knit with Linen Quill and rolled neckline mod (optional, included in pattern).

Lynn (she/they), View A, 2.5″ ease, knit with Plymouth Reserve Sport Solid.

Andrea (she/her), View A, 4″ ease, knit with Tot Le Matins 50/50 Cotton/Merino.

Size C

Symphony (she/her), Yen (she/they, 7″ ease), and Sarah (she/her, 3″ ease) all knit with Linen Quill.

Size D

Shreya (she/her, 5″ ease) and Diana (she/her, 4″ ease) both knit with Linen Quill, View B.

Céline (she/her, 4″ ease) used Olivia and Oliver Fibers Cotton Merino, View A.

Size E

Amanda (she/they, 3.5″ ease) knit View B in Cloudborn Highland Fingering.

Edny (she/her, 3″ ease) knit View A in Cascade Heritage in Solids and Waves.

Alison (she/her, 6″ ease) knit View B with her own hand dyed!

Size F

Nikki (she/her) knit with Linen Quill. The garment turned out slightly larger than spec due to gauge issues.

Dani (she/her) knit with Back Loop Yarn Co in View B.

Size G

Rachael (she/her) used Cloudborn Highland Fingering, with 6″ ease.

Size H

Marguerite (she/her) knit with 6″ ease, using Purl Soho Linen Quill

Size I

Jessica (she/her) knit View B with 6″ ease, using Purl Soho Linen Quill

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