How To Style Old Favorite Knits For Autumn 2022

Oh my goodness. It’s full on fall colors outside, and we just had the most satisfying rain. I am loving all of it and it’s inspiring me to put together outfits from my existing knit projects to live up to this beauty outside. 

Is it cooling down where you are? As you pull out your knits from storage for the fall season, do you need some inspiration to help you create new outfits for a new season? 

This fall, corduroy or canvas work jackets are very much back in, as are the perennially beloved flannel button downs. I love these items because they come back year after year, in small and large ways. This year, they’re back in a big way and I thought I’d share some of my favorite stylings that I’m enjoying in my day to day life. 

Every knit featured in this blog will be something I released in a previous season, because I really believe in wearing our knits over, and over, and over again until they can’t be worn anymore.

These stylings aren’t too fussy, but will hopefully inspire you to put together some fun outfits and breathe some new life into your knits, season after season. So, put on some fun music to dance to, and let’s do some closet-diving! 

Use Contrasting Colors, Lengths & Textures

Got some spring knits in traditionally spring colors like pink or light blue like my Coloring Book Tee (left)? Bring it into the fall season by pairing it with rusty tones to create a bold contrast. 

Previously, I had styled my Transition Slipover (right) with only solid items, but this year I’m leaning hard into the plaid + cable look which amps up the amount of visual interest happening here. Meanwhile, the light neutral color of this undyed Tov yarn keeps it grounded so it isn’t too overwhelming with all the different elements. 

Knits with short length in the body (like this tee) or in the sleeves can be paired with work jackets or flannels to bring it into the current season, and create interest, even if they were originally designed or knit for a different season. Check out the way that the work jacket lengthens the body and creates a tiered look! 

Pattern links:

Coloring Book Tee on Ravelry and Payhip

Transition Slipover on Ravelry and Payhip

Draw Out New Tones From Your Colors

Don’t be afraid to play with color and the way the fall colors can pull out a different tone in your knits! You might find that the colors in your region, such as the bright yellow gingko and red maple in my area, might bring out different tones in your hand-dyed or heathered color knits. 

I’m wearing my Nutiden Coloring Book Raglan in rather a dark and plummy color with a red lip which pushes back against the colors a bit so that I’m not just blending into the background. In the late winter light, the plum looked a lot more gray and neutral, but now the fall red colors and the warm lighting are really drawing out the red undertone of this heathered knit. 

You can add play up these new tones and rediscover beautiful yarn you’ve already knit up. For me, adding the bold lip and a little of blush, can really help bump up the look from comfortable daily (my usual thing, tbh) to power outfit to increase my confidence. So if you wear make up, try playing with these new color discoveries in the fall light. 

Coloring Book Raglan on Ravelry and Payhip

Accessorize With Neutrals For Effortless Style On the Go

On a day to day basis, let’s be real. I don’t have time to be putting together complicated layered outfits. That’s why some of my favorite knits are ones that I can pair with a simple and bold accessory. 

Here, I’m wearing my cropped Coloring Book Raglan exactly the same way I did in the original winter photos, but with a bold new jade bangle. The jade bangle look wasn’t one I was super comfortable with when I was younger since it can be so bright, but this dark purple-gray color goes with everything. 

Similarly, the Nicole Shawl, once worn in winter situations by me over coats and other knits, can just be thrown on to keep me warm when I’m walking to pick my kid up from school. The neutral, undyed browns of the Nicole Shawl makes it the perfect thing to pair with just about everything in my closet. 

Whether I’m wearing a ready to wear, home-sewn, or hand-knit outfit, adding a little accessory can really bring a little bit of joy to my day. Having a few of these accessory knits or jewelry in my collection that go with everything really helps me put that much more put together for my grocery run.

Pattern links:

Coloring Book Raglan on Ravelry and Payhip

Nicole Shawl on Ravelry and Payhip

Whether your knits were designed by me or other designers, I hope that you have a fun time putting together some new outfits with your existing knits! Enjoy spending some time with these old friends, and experiencing them anew. 

If you’re looking for something new to knit, do consider one of the patterns I featured here. They are all super versatile and easy to use in layering for all seasons!

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