A man is wearing a cable dickie under a jacket.
Knitting Pattern Round Ups

Your new favorite neck & shoulder knitting patterns.

The weather suddenly turns from sunburn-inducing to just slightly chilly and suddenly, it’s autumn! You might be feeling the urge to cast on something new and you’ll need something that works up quickly. It needs to add a good bit of warmth for those early autumn days, and transition flawlessly into winter. Here are a few of my best neck and shoulder knitting patterns recommendations to get you started. We’ve got shawl knitting patterns as well as scarves and dickeys! Will they become your favorite too?

Dusk in the Desert

Photo of a  finished blue shawl from a shawl knitting patterns with repetitive and soothing open lace work on a dress form.

Lauren Rad’s latest shawl Dusk in the Desert, scratches my brain in just the right way. All of Lauren’s designs have soothing and easy to memorize lace in them, and this one is no exception. This crescent-shaped beauty is sure to delight in the knitting and will be perfect to wrap up in over dresses and work outfits. You’ll be glad you made this one, especially when it gets just a tad chilly in the morning or in the office.

Read more about Lauren’s shawl on her website:


Vinstokke Dickie

My Vinstokke Dickie is the perfect choice if things are getting chilly and you need something that’ll knit up quickly. You’ll be glad you did because it’s perfect during the autumn over light outfits. But of course, it’ll still transition into winter coat season as well.

Because the Vinstokke is knit in in Woolfolk Luft, this lovely bulky pattern works up in a flash. Show off your skills with bold cables and a striking neck and shoulder shape. Show off your cable prowess all winter!

Read more about the Vinstokke Dickie here:


A man is wearing a cable dickie under a jacket.

Olosa Shawl

Brittany Garber’s latest Tunisian Crochet pattern features playful textured stitches, and uses a large hook and different colors to create the most delightful triangle shawl.

For all you Tunisian crocheters out there, don’t miss out on Brittany’s beautiful patterns! And do check out this pattern at Britt’s website here:


Meditative Shawl

Personally, I love shawls that wear like a blanket, because that’s really what I use them for. The Meditative Shawl by me is just right for that, and will keep you warm. The unspun yarn used knits up quickly and eventually narrows to a single point. Because it’s unspun yarn held double, it knits up super fast. Try using Plotulopi or Nutiden and you’ll knit up this quick, enjoyable shawl in no time. And you’ll be done just in time for walks in the cold weather at your local park, which is how I’m wearing it here!

Read more about the Meditative Shawl here:


Aimee stands with her side facing the camera wearing an orange dress and beige shawl

Brette Scarf

Rastus Hsu’s innovative origami scarf designs are always so inspiring, and this one is truly breathtaking. With all over origami patterning, the Brette Scarf is a true statement neck and shoulder knitting pattern piece. The meditative stitch pattern will work up in no time and I bet you’ll enjoy seeing the origami patterns unfold. Wear it as a blanket or as a wrap, and you’ll turn heads everywhere you go.

Purchase this pattern on LoveCrafts here:



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