About Aimee

Hello! My name is Aimee (she/they), and I am a Taiwanese American knitter, spinner, and sewist who has a passion for thoughtful design details. I jumped into knitwear design in 2021 because I was inspired by the foods and experiences and creations of the Asian American diaspora. My designs are crafted with intention and I pay particular attention to sourcing materials and collaborating with other makers who align with my values.

When you knit one of my patterns, you are getting the inspirations from around the world in places that I have lived and all the things that speak to my experience. My patterns exist to create joy in the ordinary things for you, even down to the simplest things of making fabric from yarn.

I’m passionate about the life that exists at intersection of craft and identity, and have previously written for Fancy Tiger Crafts as well as served as editor-in-chief of Diverging Magazine. I am the host of the Thoughtfully Made Fiber Podcast on YouTube, in which I explore crafting and identity in a visual vlog format. In March-April 2021, I founded and hosted the #KnitDiverseKAL to celebrate and elevate queer and POC makers in our fiber community and bring attention to LGBTQIA+ and POC-led businesses. All of Aimee’s work is aimed at elevating makers in those communities as well as small batch farmers, mills, or specialty dyers, working with others to lift the tide and elevate all of us.

Makers and brands that Aimee has worked with include: Fancy Tiger Crafts, Hinterland Yarn, Sunday Fibre Co, and Big Little Yarn Co.

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