The Boba Collection

This collection includes all of Aimee’s inspired boba knitting pattern collection and are perfect for all seasons. Boba tea, or bubble tea, is a delicious treat in all weather and so are these gorgeous patterns by Aimee Sher, Taiwanese American knitting pattern designer.

These delectable treats range from the Boba Time! Socks (think the perfect layered iced Thai milk tea) to the Effervescent Pullover’s lace yoke influenced by savory whipped cream cheese toppings. Garment patterns are size inclusive, and sock patterns come in at least 3 sizes each.

Boba Time! Socks for adults and kids

These delectable socks come in two patterns, one for adults and one for kids. They feature contrast colorwork bobbles to represent the bubbles of boba milk tea, and an optional fading pattern for the perfect glass of Thai Iced Tea in sock form. And these bobbles are easy as pie to work up, I promise! Try using lavender yarn for ube or taro, and pink for strawberry milk tea! This boba knitting pattern is the perfect canvas for recreating your own wearable drink in your favorite flavor.

Effervescent, a strawberry milk tea with boba knitting pattern

Originally featured on the cover of Issue 40 of Pom Pom Magazine, this boba knitting pattern screams spring time. Inspired by strawberry tea with frothy cream cheese whipped topping, this bubble tea inspired pattern is constructed bottom up and finishes with the most delectable frothy contrasting texture ruffle. The pattern features optional bust darts for the perfect fit, and even comes with a strawberry syrup and milk tea pattern. Make your own glass of strawberry milk tea and enjoy with your finished sweater.

Want to knit a boba knitting pattern, but don’t want to work bobbles? This lacy alternative is inspired by the oolong tea leaf, and features a “whipped topping” mohair ruffle. Knit it with or without the ruffle, but either way, the eye of the partridge heel flap will give you a lovely fit and beautiful texture. Enjoy these socks over winter with or without a bracing cup of hot tea. After all, bubble tea and bubble tea knitting patterns are for all seasons, not just summer!

Oolong Tank is the latest boba knitting pattern for summer.

The Oolong Tank is Aimee’s best selling bubble tea inspired knitting pattern yet. The leafy motif inspired by tea leaves travel up the front to form the perfect v-neck, finished by a neat icord edging. Knit it every which way for summer, and layer over long sleeves (shown in the middle above) to transition through spring and autumn.