Building Blocks Drop Testers

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Disclaimer: Some of these testers received partial or full yarn support from myself or a yarn vendor. None of my testers were required to share photos. These testers are the ones who have consented to have these images shared here. Some made unique mods to the pattern for their bodies. Some of those mods are in the pattern and some are not. Thank you to testers for your help!

For this test, I had a diverse group of fantastic humans who tested all the different sizes and bust shaping options offered and had these things to say about the pattern:

“This is the best fitting sweater I’ve made myself so far! The pattern, shaping, and offered modifications are so thoughtfully planned and written. I’m already planning another one!”

Tara (she/her)

“Building Blocks Drop was a fantastic intro as my first foray into bottom-up sweater knitting. The instructions were clear and there were so many mods / options to choose from. I would definitely knit another one in a different yarn & style!”

Symphony (she/her)

“I absolutely love the fit of the Building blocks drop, it’s a perfect basic sweater and has already become a staple in my wardrobe. For me, it was also a great pattern for my first time working with unspun yarn. Aimee provides very helpful tips in the pattern, which makes it a lot easier to get started (and less frustrating when the yarn does break haha). Overall, it’s a super cozy, light, and warm sweater and I would highly recommend this pattern!”

Celine (she/her)

“Aimee consistently writes clear, thoughtful patterns which produce garments I want to wear every day. The attention to detail both in her designs and in her written directions make knitting her patterns a joy and never frustrating.”

Gillian (she/her)

“As a newer knitter found this pattern easy to follow and enjoyed the process of working on this sweater. The best part for me was the bust darts included for the larger bust sizes and how this additional technique improved how well the finished sweater fits in comparison to other sweaters I’ve made.”

Shaurene (she/her)

“I rarely knit drop shoulder sweaters because the excessive sleeve length at my size is really off-putting; I had high hopes for this pattern addressing that issue and it more than delivered. Love the clever shaping, love more that it was dead simple to actually knit.”

Heidi (she/her)

“Bust fit problems be gone! Absolutely flawless bust darts and bust apex placement! The days of having to pull my sweater down from rising up in the front are done.”

Brianna (she/her)