• Knitting Pattern Round Ups

    Your new favorite neck & shoulder knitting patterns.

    A man is wearing a cable dickie under a jacket.

    The weather suddenly turns from sunburn-inducing to just slightly chilly and suddenly, it’s autumn! You might be feeling the urge to cast on something new and you’ll need something that works up quickly. It needs to add a good bit of warmth for those early autumn days, and transition flawlessly into winter. Here are a few of my best neck and shoulder knitting patterns recommendations to get you started. We’ve got shawl knitting patterns as well as scarves and dickeys! Will they become your favorite too? Dusk in…

  • Knit Diverse

    3 changes to make for more inclusive test knits

    I’ve talked previously about designer pay, and how designers need to be paid more for there to be a chance for marginalized folks to enter and stay in the industry. This remains true in 2022, and I still believe that designer pay is too low across the board no matter who the designer is. Inclusive test knitting is still a conversation that we have to have, however. However, the devaluing of the labor associated with the knitting craft doesn’t just exist in designer pay. It’s in every part of…

  • Patterns

    Why these yarns for the Coloring Book Tee?

    One of the things I see a lot in our knitting community online is anxiety over ethical purchases. We put ourselves through “no buys” with mindsets borrowed from diet culture, periods of compulsive purchasing, and acquire stash that can often grow out of control. And while yarn purchasing is a matter that is deeply colored by financial privilege, location, and access, I think all of us could do with some deprogramming to unlearn that language of diet culture.  And by the way, I really strongly believe that you…