I am available for writing collaborations should your brand desire to work with me. The blog is available for you to peruse as well.


Writing about craft is one of my passions. When an idea or a meditation on craft grows beyond the short form caption writing I love to do on Instagram, I put it on a blog somewhere! I have written pieces from sponsored material to more introspective work. Here are a selection of pieces I have written for various online publications.

Mama Hug
A meditation on how craft is a way to care for the people we dress. Craft liturgy and mindfulness as a way to connect to my spirituality, set within a Christian tradition. While I as a queer person have a complicated relationship with faith, craft has been able to connect me back to my spirituality outside of organized religion.

Fancy Tiger Crafts | 1 | 2 | 3
As a Brand Ambassador for Fancy Tiger Crafts, I have collaborated with this wonderful yarn and fabric store (local and web) on various blog posts and knitted projects showcasing their carefully sourced materials.